An Exclusive Interview with Lucy Hale

lucy-hale-jeannine-morrisBefore attending the Country Music Awards last week, I had the opportunity to hang out with Lucy Hale thanks to Colgate Optic White, who was presenting.  Of course, using some of the questions you sent through on Twitter, I interviewed Lucy about her acting and singing career, beauty secrets love for country music.  The 5'2" starlette (and I know because we had a height competition, you know, back to back) may be tiny, but she sure is fierce.  At just 25, she's not only accomplished, but knows exactly who she is and what she's doing.

lucy-haleOn her fans: My fans are very passionate.  I got into my career, because I love what I do, but to have that support system makes it all even better.

On her new shorter 'do: I cut it this morning.  I needed something new.  I chopped three inches and we're still filming the show, but they can add extensions if they have to.  I feel more grown up with it.

On her new album: With a first album you can do whatever you want and as an artist I'm constantly learning and growing and finding out how I sound better and what I don't like.  I loved that we used a lot of traditional country music instruments like mandolin, fiddle and banjo and steel guitar.  I love those sounds, but they have a mainstream vibe. There's no rules, so we were able to do whatever we wanted.  One of my favorite songs on the album is "Nervous Girl," because it's very strict and raw so maybe we'll see more of that on album two.

On her singing career: I hope to make music for the rest of my life, but I want each album to feel very different.  I'm a very different person from when I started so it will be interesting to see where we go.  I love all music and explore, but country is where my heart's at.

On the artist/actress debate: I get asked this question more than anything: acting or singing.  I'm not one to live in a box or be told what to do and I want to be the exception.  A lot of people have a mindset that they can only accept me as one or the other.  I've wanted to sing before I wanted to act, but I'll never choose.  I love acting and I love music and I've been lucky enough to do both and hope to continue to have respect in both worlds.

On her influences: Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Shania Twain.  Mostly late '90's women in country.  Rascall Flatts is what really made me fall in love with music.  They were the first country act I found to be mainstream and I remember hearing "Praying for Daylight" for the first time on the radio and was blown away.

On her beauty secrets:  Besides a good hair and makeup team, eye patches help (she likes Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels) and the obvious, sleep and water.

On her Colgate partnership: I'm 25 now and think I'm the person I'm going to be.  I can finally say I'm comfortable with who I am and when Colgate Optic White approached me about the 'Red Carpet Ready' campaign, it just made sense.  It's all about confidence and what I do to get ready for a big event.

On what's in her bag: Kind bars, phone charger, Ray Bans, hand sanitizer, Aquaphor lip balm, Mark cosmetics, makeup remover, my laptop, my broken iPhone 6 that I dropped before my flight yesterday, Justins peanut butter packets

On her favorite place in TN: Home with my family in Memphis.  I wish I could plop their house next to me in LA.

On her pre-performance rituals: Before I go on stage I need about 15 minutes to myself with no distractions and I say a prayer.  And try not to throw up, because I still get nervous, but it's good.  Once the nerves and butterflies go away, I feel like I need to get a new profession.

On the best beauty advice she ever got: My mom instilled to always wash my face no matter how tired I am.  I don't always listen, since I keep makeup removers by my bed incase it was a long day, but you only get one face, so you have to take care of it.