MUA Approved: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

LOreal-Voluminous-Carbon-Black-Waterproof-Mascara-943What's your favorite mascara?  I have my go-to from Urban Decay, Lancome and Dior  but I also test new ones out all of the time. Lately, I've been on a few shoots for different campaigns and found it incredible that three different makeup artists I worked with all used the same mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.  That has to mean something, right?  Here's why it's a makeup artist favorite and now, my drugstore go-to as well.

"L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black is a thick and goopy mascara that never flakes and is as black as black will ever come," commented makeup artist, Allison Pynn, who always uses the waterproof formula for shoots.

The product isn't too wet, she explains, "so it stays put on the lashes and doesn't get all over the lids after you apply it."  Describing the formula as a "creamy lipstick for the lashes," it's not shiny or matte, but a really solid mascara.  She uses disposable wands on her clients, but on herself, she uses the applicator that comes with the mascara and likes that it's controllable.

Next time you're searching the drugstore for a new mascara, know that L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara is makeup artist approved.