Coach Yourself for Your Red Carpet Moment

When I went to Sundance this month with L'Oreal I was introduced to Andrea, a sweet girl from Florida who was lucky enough to be chosen as one of five women to participate in the L'Oreal Paris Academy.  Academy members all go through beauty, fashion and lifestyle coaching from the pros then have opportunities to put them to the test at huge awards shows. Andrea got to rock her skills at Sundance on the red carpet at the L'Oreal and Entertainment Weekly event that I got to attend as well.  Only, I didn't have all of the coaching!  Other members of The Academy got to attend other red carpet events like the SAG Awards and will attend the Golden Globes.

Just because you and I weren't picked to be part of the five in the Academy doesn't mean we can't take the classes though!  I recently went online and checked out the glam courses Andrea took to prepare her for her red carpet moment (hey, you never know when you may end up on a red carpet or in the spotlight).  You can check them out here.  I really like the "Paparazzi Approved Red Carpet Poses" video.