Live from the Red Carpet

Today, live from the Emmy red carpet, I'll be doing a segment for E! on the secrets behind some of my favorite celebrity must haves. Ashlan Gorse of E! is the host and I'm extremely excited!  Make sure you tune in tonight to watch all of the pre-Emmy coverage. My segment will be on around 5:30pm on both coasts, but it can go on anywhere in between 5 and 5:45 so make sure you start watching early!

None of this felt real to me until I stepped foot on the red carpet yesterday at rehearsal.  I love doing live TV segments, but doing a segment for the Emmys for E! is a dream come true.  The producers are all such a pleasure to work with and Ashlan is such a sweetheart.  

Last night I was out with beauty blogger, Jamie Stone, of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis at the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel and ran into none other than E! personality Sal.  I introduced myself and told him about my segment today with Ashlan and how nervous I was.  He was super cool and told me to not to stress because E! wouldn't have hired me if I wasn't an expert.  

So here I am today, getting ready to hit the red carpet and reveal to E! viewers the secrets behind the the looks of some of my fave stars.