Lindsay Lohan: Journey to Jail

I've been following Lindsay Lohan's career since she was in Parent Trap and currently find it so intriguing to follow her jail sentence.  All morning I've been watching E! and TMZ who have been live streaming everything from her arrival to court this morning to being handcuffed and taken to prison. I have to admit, unlike many– I have a weakness for Lilo.  There's something about the train wreck of the 24-year-old that I really like and now feel sorry for.  Everyone always focuses on her negatives (and yes, there are many), but she amuses me.  From her photo shoots to interviews overall, I like her.

I think her jail sentence is probably the only thing that will save her career and life.  It may be her second chance and a blessing in disguise.  Like many spoiled Hollywood young actresses (or young girls in general) people feel like they're invincible until they have to pay consequences.  For Lindsay, it's her turn.  I'm anxious to see how she changes after her sentence, and have optimistic thoughts.

What do you think?