Latest Obsession: Paddywax Library Candles

Call me a geek, but as an English major in college I look at authors and poets as celebrities.  It's not often I get star studded, but if I met one of my favorite authors, I would probably be speechless.  Despite the fact that I've analyzed their work and written thesises on them, I would probably not know exactly where to start or what to say.  This past weekend at Sundance I went into a celebrity swag suite and discovered Paddywax candles and immediately fell in love with the concept of their Library Collection.  Each scent is inspired by the works of famous autors like Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau.

Austen is made up of notes of gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, which smells romantic like her novels.  My favorite is Poe, which is blended with cardamom, absynthe and sandalwood.  I truely covet my Poe candle because it not only smells good, but inspires me.