Latest Obsession: Metropolis Hair Dryer

Your hair can make or break your day.  Well let me tell you, I'm going to have a good day today!  I was recently introduced to the Metropolis Hair Dryer, $147.95 which blew my T3 away. For the past five years I've been loyal to my T3, under the impression that nothing could compare, and until now, nothing did.  I actually have the mini Metropolis Tourmaline Compact Hair Dryer & Flat Iron Set, $125.  Since I spend a lot of weekends in New Jersey with my family and boyfriend I needed a new travel dryer and like other products I test out, I wasn't thinking this would be a life changer when I threw it in my overnight bag.

My drying time was a bit quicker, but what I was really impressed by was how shiny and smooth my hair looked after my blow out.  Post blow dry I walked downstairs into my kitchen and my sister said, "Your hair looks nice."  I was blown away.  A compliment from her is like winning the lottery (well, almost).   I like it so much I'm going to retire my T3 and purchase a full sized one for every day use.