Last Week To Vote

This is it... it's been a good year.  So have you been naughty or nice?  It's hard to say, but after reading some of these interviews... it doesn't look like all of these men are going to be getting gifts from Santa.  Josh, Paul, and John all seem like nice guys, but Bobby D. and Tim seem a little rowdy.  

You be the judge and VOTE one of them to be BeautySweetSpot's 2009 Man of the Year.  Voting ends on December 31st and the winner will be announced on New Years Day!

Man of the Year will receive an ultimate grooming gift pack loaded with AXE products (yes, the ladies will come running like they do in the commercials). AXE products will include: AXE Instinct Deodorant Body Spray, AXE Instinct Deodorant Stick, AXE Dark Temptation Shower Gel, AXE Detailer, Axe Itch Relief 2 in 1 Cooling Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner, AXE Smooth and Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade and the Swiss Army Traveling Toiletry Kit.

Click on the names below to see their full Man of the Week interviews. 

Bobby D.

Stats: 26, single, can't live with out baby powder for "the boys down there."


Stats: 27, single, loves the compliments he receives on his cologne, some call the scent "heavenly."


Stats: 25, taken, believes his Curve cologne helps him make a nice entrance into a room.


Stats: 27, single, avoids razor burn by using the Braun Series 7 self cleaning electric razor.


Stats: 29, single, invests in taking care of his skin with Fresh After-Shave Lotion.

Do you know a sexy, successful man who would make a great Man of the Week for 2010?  Send me your nominations!  Email [email protected]