Lashing Out: Serums, Mascaras and Treatments, Oh My!

Last week The New York Times reported on the craze in eye lash enhancement.  It's a booming market and each month the beauty industry and consumers find out about a brand new potion, wand or treatment that promises to make you batters fuller, longer and all around more luscious. What girl doesn't want that? But with so many on the market how's a girl supposed to choose? Let me break it down for you: Serums: Full of peptides, if you swipe on a serum once a day at the lash line you're guaranteed longer, fuller lashes in 6-8 weeks.  Latisse is a prescription only serum that costs $120 a pop, but RapidLash can be found at drugstores for $50 and offers the same results.  I've tried and tested, RapidLash and got great results.  Patience and consistency are key.

2-in-1's: Some cosmetic companies are creating double ended wands that have mascara on one end and the serum on the other.  Two examples, L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara, $10.95 and Sue Devitt Lash Intensifer Treatment & Lengthening Mascara, $49.  These are convenient because they're two products in one, but if you love your mascara (and when many of us find a mascara that works wonders we don't tend to part) then this isn't for you.

LashDip: This is the latest lash boosting treatment on the market that acts as semi-permenant mascara and stays put on your real lashes for up to six weeks.  A gel is painted onto your batters so you can wake up in the morning looking enhanced with out having to take the extra step of the wand.

Eyelash Extensions: Individual lashes that are attached to your own individual lashes with glue by using tweezers.  The process takes about an hour and a half to two hours, but the lashes are luscious!  The cost of the treatment is lessening, which is great for the lashionistas out there, but is an average of $300 and they last about four to six weeks.  I've had them before and loved them!  As soon as they all fell off I felt naked.

You can always boost your batters with classic mascara.  Knowing which is right for you, can make a world of a difference.  Personally, I love using RapidLash with mascara.  Mascara's my finishing touch!