Lash Extension 101

There's a fab new lash extension salon in NYC called Wink Eyelash that I visited for an event and was enamored by the decor.  The beds were coated with pink blankets and pillows and it was overall a chic salon. Owners Will Thomas and So Young Kim, also an esthetician, gave me the scoop as I watched two women get the extensions.

Starting with mascara-free lashes, the natural lashes are first combed and separated for even distribution. Then, the esthetician places all of the lashes they plan on using in the middle of their customers forehead so they can easily grab them.  Using two tweezers, the individual lash is dipped into a small dish of adhesive and then applied about one to two millimeters from the eyelid.  

"The key to natural looking extensions is using a combination of lengths throughout the eye," Thomas stated. 
About 90 individual lashes are applied per eye in a standard set ($95), but if you prefer the cat eye look or a more dramatic eye ($125), it takes about 125 lashes per eye on average.  The whole experience takes only an hour and the fringe lasts about four to six weeks.

Since your lashes are on a shedding cycle that varies between 15 and 60 days it's best to get touch ups every two to three weeks.  It's just like acrylic fills.  Maintenance is key if you plan on keeping them on.

I had lash extensions about two years ago and felt completely naked when they fell off.  I decided to get them right back on and continued to go for touch ups.  They're addicting, but at least it's one addiction that's not detrimental to your health!

Check out my YouTube videos (there's two) from Wink Eyelash!