A Mascara Worth Trying: Lash Control

When I find a mascara I like, I stick with it.  My favorites as of late have been Maybelline The Falsies (for flirty fullness) and CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara (for separation and definition). Don't get me wrong, I test a bunch, but rarely find any worth replacing those. However, I recently came across a mascara worth talking about – Lash Control. The concept caught my attention at first, but after I used it I knew it was post-worthy.  They offer three formulas, lengthening, thickening and clear and each plastic tube has a squeezable area made of fiber, (they remind me of pencil grips from third grade) which allows you to control the amount of mascara that ends up on your wand, ultimately controlling your lash look.  Super clever!

Normally, if my mascara wand has too much formula on it I wrap a tissue around it and wipe it off to avoid clumps.  I chose to use the volumizing formula and experimented with the squeezy middle.  Sure enough, I was able to control my outcome.  The formula is smooth and brushes are created to serve purpose.  The volumizing mascara has a zig zag brush head, which allows for added grip-page and the lengthening mascara has a tapered brush head to ensure each lash is met.

Lash Control mascaras are available online for $20 each.  (The clear coat is only $16).