Land a Valentine's Day Date

For every 100 single girls in NYC there are 81 single guys...  What's a lady to do with so much competition? Flirt, the right way.  If you're a fan of VH1's Tough Love, then you've learned a few things from host, Steven Ward.  Check out what I've learned and score a date for Valentine's Day.


Presenting the Top 5 Flirting Do's and Don'ts:

Flirting Do's:

Smile, Eye contact, Act gracefully, Take charge, Flatter

Flirting Don'ts:

Be too obvious, Stare, Over do it, Flirt with others simontaneously, Feign interest

As a single lady living in the world's largest playground for single men, trust me.  Follow these tips with confidence and they'll land you at least a date!