Land A Bachelor at Happy Hour's Finest

My favorite time to mingle is happy hour.  It's called happy hour for a reason right? Men in suits and two-for-one martinis, I'm more than happy.  But  spring time happy hour in NYC takes on a whole new meaning. Hibernation is over, work-appropriate cardigans come off, roof decks open and singles are ready to mingle.  Happy hour may start at 6pm, but there is no end time... even though the drink specials may end, they go unnoticed and happy hour turns into happy hours and before you know it, it's midnight.

The NY Post recently reported that the hottest new happy hour meet market of the year is Bryant Park!  The reason: It's right across from the newest Bank of America Tower filled with law firms, financial services and eligible bachelors.

Ladies, I may have to do some investigative reporting and find the next BeautySweetSpot Man of the Week.  Who's with me?