My Intimate Night with Gaga... Really, I Touched Her and Watched Her Get Inked... Plus Grabbed A Video of All the Action

Thursday night I attended Lady Gaga's launch party for her new fragrance, Fame, at the Guggenheim Museum along with anyone who is anyone in NYC.  It was a true masquerade. Along with top influencers in the beauty industry, Yoko Uno, Marc Jacobs, Jessica Stam, Michael Strahan, Charlotte Ronson, Alexander Wang, and I sipped champagne in awe as we watched Gaga get a new tattoo inside a replica of her fragrance bottle.

When I arrived, I walked the red carpet and entered into the museum wearing a Zara cocktail dress with lace overlay on top and feathers on bottom.  My Walter Steiger booties weren't even my main accessory.  The invite stated, "Head piece required."  I donned a super chic black headband with tulle flowers that had a mesh, black veil.  Greeted by Gaga's harness men upon entry I found my friends, found the bar and observed.

A video began to play directed by Steven Klein for the fragrance launch and to my surprise I come to find out that Gaga was in the fragrance replica!  She was in there!  Acting like Sleeping Beauty, draped in fur, people quickly lined up to touch her.  Yes, to touch and try to wake Gaga.  Of course I pushed my way through the crowd with Dina from eye4style, Marina from makeuplovesme and Sarah from styleitonline (check out her mask gallery here) and we all touched Gaga.  Or maybe I should say we reached into the fragrance replica where she was sleeping, grabbed her hand and harassed her nails to check out the mani situation.  Worth it!

After she awoke, the song "Fame" by David Bowie blasted throughout the museum and we got a sneak peek into her life backstage.  Her glam squad rushed in, Gaga spritzed herself with her fragrance and before we knew it, we were watching her get inked.  This was the art in the middle of the Guggenheim.  Gaga was on display.  Her personal life was on display for all of us who cared.  And we did care.  

This is what we saw:

As for the fragrance, see my review here.