Lady Gaga Fame is Here and I Got A Sneak Peek!

I've already expressed my excitement over Gaga's new fragrance and am happy to announce that it's arrived!  Receiving the samples felt very surreal as a sleek black bag arrived at my apartment with two samples of the black liquid awaiting my approval.  I don't normally get like this about celebrity fragrances as I can't stand the whole concept to be honest, but I think Gaga did it right.  Fame is Lady Gaga. It's the first black perfume, but don't worry once you spritz it, it becomes clear once in contact with the air.  Gaga was quoted saying, "It smells like an expensive hooker," and despite the rumors of her blood being in the fragrance, it is very much a piece of her.

I showed the video directed by Steven Klein behind the fragrance two weeks ago, which is very sensual.  Her fragrance is as well topped off with notes of honey, saffron and apricot nectar, followed by tiger orchid and jasmine.  It's labeled as a fruity floral, but one I'd wear at nighttime.  Overall it's innovative and impressive.