LA: How Beautiful It Is!

I've been spending the past two days in LA and of course while I'm here, being the fashionista that I am, I had to check out Rodeo Drive and the boutiques on Robertson Boulevard.  I have two words, as Rachel Zoe would say, "I die!"  

Being that I call NYC my first true love, I would say LA may be my second.  I'd have to spend more time here to really say I fell in love, but for now, let's call it infatuation.  For those of you who haven't visited, but may be familiar with NYC, picture Soho with palm trees, yellow Bentleys and "The Hills."  Yes, it's all here, and it's real. 

I had to stop in the Beverly Hills skin and cosmetic stores along with the Santa Monica MAC, Fresh and L'Occitane.  But what really caught my attention were the beauty brands in Kitson.  As I scanned the overwhelming store full of House of Harlem accessories by Nicole Richie, Michael Kors stilettos, Missoni scarves, and branded LA souvenirs, I couldn't help but walk over to the beauty shelves and spend most of my time there.  

In LA, I found NYC.  Bond No. 9 was proudly displayed on the shelves, but when I thought about returning home tonight I was a bit disappointed.  As much as I love NYC, never before this trip had I imagined living somewhere else. I think I have a place in my heart for LA.  Conclusion: I have to find a way to be bi-costal!

What's your favorite city?