Kyoku Sake Infused Shave Creme for Him

This Japanese skincare company seems to know a thing or two about marketing to men – just add alcohol.  Kyoku, a men's skincare line made out of all natural ingredients from Japan, highlights sake as a key moisturizing ingredient in their shaving cream. Of course, I had Joe (the BF) put it to the test against his stubble.  He was an immediate fan of the cooling feeling and familiar menthol-like scent, but the directions annoyed him.  "Apply to wet skin with fingertips and let rest for two minutes."  Since he shaves daily, Joe's not the type of guy who has an extra two minutes to add onto his grooming routine. If your mans into really pampering himself, this stuff is essential.

A combination of silicones and yes, pure sake are to thank for the smooth shave. Available in normal and sensitive skin formulas for $34.  You can find it at Barneys or online.