Khloe Kardashian On Khroma Beauty, Biggest Beauty Regret & Lamar's Grooming Obsession

On Friday night I had the opportunity to hang out with Khloe Kardashian at the Gansevoort Park to learn about the Kardashian sister's new makeup line, Khroma.  Now, she's my favorite Kardashian.  She's real, funny, down to earth and only uses her baby voice when she speaks of Lamar, which is kinda cute.  Here's the 411 on their new cosmetic line, Khloe's biggest beauty regret, must-have beauty product and of course, some scoop on her hubby. Surprised the Kardashian's didn't launch a cosmetic line sooner?  So am I.  Makeup has always been something the Kardashian's wanted to be involved in, turns out they were waiting for the right fit.  "We've been offered to do a line for years, but the companies all wanted us to lend our name and do everything ," Khloe commented.  "That's not how we work."

The sisters were involved with everything form the formulas to the packaging, font and name, which they brainstormed at the Soho House and stemmed from a doodle Kim drew on a note pad.  Khroma means color and the packaging is chrome, so it made sense.

Beauty Must Have

While the lash strips may be Kourtney and Kim's must-have in the line, it's the mascara that Khloe claimed as her baby.  "I'm very crazy about my mascara.  It's my one go-to makeup need in my bag."  While she has the luxury of working with makeup artists all the time, she never allows them to apply her mascara.  It's not that she has any fancy tricks, she's just so particular she knows how she likes it.  Khroma's A Stroke of Midnight is favorite.

Beauty Regret

Remember the 'Single Ladies' photo shoot the Kardashian sisters did for People when Kourtney was about nine months pregnant?  It resulted in Khloe's biggest beauty regret!  "I had a pompadour and harsh makeup, which was great for a photo shoot, but that's where it should have stayed," she stated.  After the photo shoot she had to walk a red carpet with Kim and didn't adjust her look.  A mistake she definitely learned from.  "In the photo it was cool and you understood it, but on the red carpet it didn't translate and I wish I could have told everybody why I looked like that."

Lamar's Grooming Obsession

Did you ever see the episode where Khloe gives Lamar a pedi?  Well turns out Lamar is s sucker for grooming.  He loves Khiels, the Facial Fuel line and Khloe laughed as she described how he washes his face.  "He's obsessed with washing his face and his bald head," she explained.  Who knew that guys without hair look at their heads as an extension of their faces?

Khroma Beauty is available at Ulta, CVS and other retailers with price points ranging from $7 - $20.

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