Kendall Jenner's Chic $4 Tattoos

Kendall Jenner TattoosModel of the moment, Kendall Jenner, or I believe she goes by just Kendall now, was spotted on several runways during NYFW, but unfortunately for me, I didn't have a backstage run in with her.  I guess you can say I just couldn't keep up.  Since Tommy Hilfiger's show was music festival themed, lead makeup artist Pat McGrath was responsible for creating a vintage feel to the tattoo stencil and I have all of the info. Yes, she made $4 tattoo stencil from Walmart look chic enough for a runway show.

Believe it or not, you can buy the exact stencil, Twin Stars, from Tattoo Junkie at Walmart for only $4.  But in order to make it look chic like Kendall's, take a note from famed makeup artist, Pat McGrath.

Instead of just purchasing the stencil, make sure you purchase the ink from Tattoo Junkie as well and use a brush, like McGrath did to paint on the tattoo. Taking to the stencil with a marker of any sort won't give you the same look.  To get the same effect as Kendall, paint on the henna matte ink and go over it with a finishing powder like this one from Tattoo Junkie for extra staying power.