The Scoop on Kelly Ripa's Extensions & How to Get the Look without Commitment: Enter TryBeauty Falls

Every morning as I sit at my desk I have a very strict morning show routine to accompany my cup of coffee.  First up, Kelly Ripa is in my living room.  Religiously.  She doesn't know it yet, but we're BFF's.  If you watch too, you'll know that she's been experimenting with hair extensions this year and is now addicted.  Being that I'm a huge fan of hers and love the natural boost her extensions added I had to find out the scoop!  I spoke with her extension guru, Ryan Trygstad from the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC and he spilled! "The first time Kelly and I met was the first time she got extensions and ever since I have been doing her a lot for different events the last few months," Trygstad commented.  "I consider her a friend, a really funny friend."

Kelly wanted both fullness and some length.  Trygstad used Great Lengths, because the keratin bond is safe and the color and texture selection is vast.  I had Great Lengths before and was completely obsessed with them!

"Being on a daily talk show her hair is heat styled everyday and it was in so need of some help to bring some life back to it!"

For the everyday girl, Trygstad suggests using clip-ins to get Kelly's look, but make sure they're real hair so you can style them just like your own hair.  For those who would like to make a little bit of an investment he recommends trying his customized extensions, TryBeauty Falls.  They fit on top of your head with a fishing-line like halo that allows it to just sit securely without glue or clips.  I'm thinking about going for a consultation since I'm obsessed with my clip-ins and am always looking for the next best thing.