Katie Cassidy Confesses Guiltiest Pleasure to BeautySweetSpot

This week I attended an intimate holiday dinner with Crest at the Cooper Square Hotel penthouse.  Surrounded by views of NYC we all sat and ate a fab meal and got the chance to chat with Gossip Girl star, Katie Cassidy. When she sat next to me at the table I had to take advantage of the opportunity and shoot away.  First of all, I knew who she was from her role in A Nightmare on Elm Street and then Melrose Place.  But even more than that, because my mom used to be obsessed with her father, old-school heart throb, David Cassidy.

"I grew up in The Hills living a very normal life because my parents weren't together and I lived with my mom," Katie said.  "But when people told me how hot my dad was it was really weird."

As she's telling me this my mother is texting me while I'm at the table telling me how in love she was with David and that she used to see him perform several times a year and write him love letters.  I wasn't about to tell Katie.

Katie was a very sweet, down-to-earth girl who seemed to really enjoy herself at the event. I was dying over her lashes and even though she claimed they were real and credited YSL mascara, I knew she wasn't telling the whole truth!  I'm sure YSL mascara had something to do with them, but I'm sure lash extensions should have deserved 90% of the credit.

When I asked what her guiltiest pleasure was she laughed and said listening to Fergie's "Working On My Fitness" while working out.  I can't argue with her there!