Kate Bosworth's Braided Updo How To

UnknownHow stunning is Kate Bosworth's braided updo? I love the way she looks with her hair pulled off of her face. Good news is, her chic, braided style is super simple to achieve as it only takes three braids and a few bobby pins. Her stylist, Bridget Brager, gave me the step-by-step to creating her "intricate and romantic" updo.

Spray a volumizing spray like Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray from roots to ends, then blow dry your hair using your hands concentrating on lifting it away from the scalp to create texture.

Create a "disheveled deep part" and starting at the crown, along the part, braid forward so the braid falls toward your forehead concealing your hair line.

Start your second and third braids at your temples, braiding back on each side.

Use Kevin Murphy Easy Ride or a light weight pomade to tame fly aways and add a bit of shine, then loosen the braids with your fingers to make them appear more romantic.

Weave the braids together in the back and pin them low to give a halo effect and there you have yourself Kate Bosworth's braided updo.