Kat Von D Talks Her New Fall Sephora Collection

kat-von-d-fall-sephora-collection“I wanted to create something that was as if Tim Burton designed candy,” Kat Von D tells us about the new look for her fall Sephora collection.

Since launching the collection back in 2008, Kat Von D has become a refreshing inspiration in the beauty industry. Rocking her signature cat eye, angular eyebrows and bold lip, we got to talk to her about the inspiration behind her fall collection, her first lipstick, and her stance on no makeup selfies.

The Fall Collection

"To be honest I was quite happy with the original formula, but I think just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean it can’t get better," she began telling us about her lipsticks.

Working with what were already high pigment shades, they were now long wear (ten hours!) and this collection is full of fragrance.  "You can’t wear my sh*t if you don’t like crème brulee."

BSS Writer, Emily, at the launch event

Her First (and Favorite) Lipstick

Home Girl in my ever lasting liquid lip line was inspired by the first lipstick I ever got. I was really really really poor. Like really poor. I had saved up 99 cents to go to Rite Aid or whatever. 508 was the lipstick. I was Goth girl my sister was like a Chola, so that was the only makeup we could share. It was so waxy my sister used to take a lighter to it to melt it and get more pigment out of it. So when I finally got this lipstick line I was like how do I make 508 but really actually good. So that’s how Home Girl came to be. And that’s one of my favorite lipsticks now to this day. I have to not wear it everyday because of the way I dress I think. It’s like oh your being a typical Goth girl. And I’m like no it’s not that, I’m not wearing my feelings right now, it just matches what I’m wearing.

No-Makeup Selfies

When people ask me what my favorite look is, my answer is always the same, which is I like myself without makeup. I think putting on makeup is just fun to me and that’s why I do it. I think that’s what feminism is all about, to be able to do what ever you want whenever you want.

I also think people are hungry to connect and relate again. So I think when a celebrity posts a picture without makeup, it’s like oh cool how refreshing. It doesn’t always have to be this photoshopped unrealistic version of what I’ll never be. I don’t think people want to be that. I don’t want to be that. I hate it when they over photoshop me. I know how crooked my face is, but I like it that way.

Tattoo Artist to Makeup Artist

I’m not supposed to talk about it, but right now I’m working on this contouring pallet. I love Caravaggio, he’s my favorite painter from back in the day. Caravaggio is the one who brought the usage of light and shadow approach to painting. [Contouring] is just the usage of highlights and shades. That’s what I know how to do, I can draw that sh*t. I guess I just approach my makeup in that form. I can use the optical illusion of makeup to my benefit. I wouldn’t lie to you and tell you I’m a pro. I’m sure there are better ways for me to approach my blush that I haven’t learned yet.

The Kat Von D fall Sephora collection will include lightning liner ($20), a click-pen liquid liner. And updated Studded Kiss Lipsticks ($21) with 10-hour long wear and crème brulee scent will be available at Sephora in late July 2014.