Kat Graham & I Talk the Prepping for the Perfect Kiss

Something I purposely left out of my New Year's Eve post was meeting Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Our conversation deserved a post all on it's own. As Nivea's event host, we appropriately got into a conversation about the midnight kiss!  Both with our fiancés about to ring in our wedding year, we all dissected the "perfect" kiss.  From the ball drop to the alter and anytime in between, here's how to prep for that kiss. "Having a crazy red lip or dark lip, may be fun and feel sexy, but when it's all about the kiss, your guy will surely back away," Kat laughed.  Her fiancé was shaking his head, laughing in agreement.  "No guy wants that coming at him," he exclaimed.

This supports a theory I have that men hate red lipstick, which I blogged about in 2012 (see post here), where my fiancé comments, "It's annoying."  The perfect kiss can't be distracting.  You need to lose yourselves in each other and not worry about whether your lip color is going to end up on his face or all over yours.

The solution?  When it's date night, don't do your makeup to impress the girls.  Wear it for him.  Play up your eyes, make sure your lips are moisturized and add a just hint of natural color. "He's been kissing me all night," Kat gushed.  Her pucker up go-to: Nivea Kiss of Cherry Flavored Tinted Lip Care.