Josie Natori Talks Her New Perfume, Josie

josie-natori-josie-perfumeAs I walked into the Josie Natori store in downtown NYC, I was immediately immersed into the incredible design world of Josie. Extremely well known for her luxurious lingerie as well as tasteful decor pieces, I was fortunate to be able to chat with Mrs. Natori about her new Josie lifestyle collection and scent.

The store itself was impeccably chic, all centered around a beautiful tablescape that showcased the fragrance and the black, white, and red theme of the line.  A quick sniff confirmed that indeed, Mrs. Natori's second scent will be a total hit as it smells divine.  A crowd gathered in the front of the store stared in awe at the sidewalk, which has been artfully airbrushed with a 3D rendering of the luxe Josie perfume bottle.


Tell me about the new Josie fragrance.

The DNA of Natori is east meets west with a little more of a fun twist. We wanted something that has the feeling of Natori but a little sexier, you know? When you think of Natori you think serious, Josie is upbeat and more for a younger generation.

How does your culture influence your design choices?

This fragrance is inspired by flowers, in particular one I grew up with in the Philippines called the Sampaguita, in the Jasmine family. Then we added a few notes of citrus and patchouli to create a more sensual scent. My lingerie is sexy yet still approachable and I wanted that to come through in the Josie fragrance.

Does your design aesthetic come through when creating a perfume?

Oh of course, you can even tell from the shape of the bottle that we wanted something different, something luxe. It reminds me a little of a bento box! The world of Josie is from the inside out, from underwear to outerwear to home.  It's been fun to complete.

The Josie Natori Josie Perfume retails for $75 for 50 ml, $95 for 100 ml and $22 for the rollerball and can be found online at