Bohemian Sophistication Backstage at Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart is known for her girly, youthful clothes and this season is no exception. The overall look was described as "bohemian sophistication" by Lead Makeup Artist, Diane Kendal for MAC. She wanted to add to the softness of the clothes by creating a simple, yet sexy face for the girls. Using some Jill Stuart products and some MAC products, Diane began by keeping the skin matte except for a pink/peach blush to give it a warm glow. She played up the eyes by smudging black kohl on the inside of the lid. To keep the kohl from being too harsh, she used black cream liner to soften and MAC brown grease paint to contour. The lips were kept simple, yet colorful without competing with the eyes. First, foundation was applied to them and then a hint of MAC's eye pigment powder in pink and orange. This look is so easy to recreate and perfect for going out to dinner! Just be careful not to overdue it on the lips or you'll end up looking more Bozo than beautiful.

To play up the easy, flirty look, Odile Gilbert for Kerastase created a hairstyle that screamed Spring. She started by parting the hair in a deep side part and scrunching the with Kerastase Lotion Densitive using a blowdryer to create texturized waves. To execute a coy, innocent feel, she created the illusion of bangs. (It looks way more difficult than it is, just bring hair to the front, twist to the side and hold with bobby pins.)

To make the style really stand out, every girl had a braid under the hair that popped out on the runway. The hair was held in place with Kerastase's double force hairspray.

I loved this look because it is so simple to do at home, and works on every hair type. Even those with painfully thin hair can make it work by using Kerastase's Mousse Volume Active.