Jerseylicious? Another Reality Lie

I received a startling phone call this morning from a long time friend, Liz, who I haven't spoken to in a few years. Excited to catch up, I was disturbed when she began ranting on the reason she called.  No, she wasn't angry at me, but the fact that the hair salon her and I went to all through high school together and partially in college is being portrayed as pure Jersey trash on E! in the new show Jerseylicious. The salon, The Gatsby in Green Brook, NJ is portrayed to have Snookie-esque, Manolo wearing stylists with a Staten Island attitude.  Since when?  "I went there a year ago and not one person looked like that," stated my friend Liz.  "My stylist is on the show and has completely revamped her look from a mom with red hair to some sort of MILF, it's ridiculous."

I haven't been there since the beginning of college, but it was a normal, upscale Jersey hair salon that had clientele from Warren (The Jersey Hills), Scotch Plains and other surrounding areas.  All of the assistants used to have funky style with unique tattoos and the beauticians were relatable and likeable.  My mom even went there.  I cannot see this salon's normal clientele adapting well to the remake of their stylists and their attitudes all for this trashy show.

What was once a respectable New Jersey hair salon is now a disgrace and I cannot believe it actually crossed over into Snookie Poof's and Paulie D. blow outs.  Reality TV is killing New Jersey and idiots like these salon owners are letting it!  It's amazing what some would do for 15 minutes of fame.  It's reality TV people, get a grip.