Have A Jersey Shore Halloween

Do you know what you're being for Halloween yet?  I have to admit I'm staying far out of NYC during the parade thanks to the amount of Snooki's and Paulie D's that I fear will be running around this year.  This year, I'm sticking to watching trick or treaters in, ironic enough, Jersey. If you want to embrace your inner Jersey Shore or try it on for just a minute by all means, be my guest!  DailyMakeover put together a Jersey themed makeover studio where you can try on the best of the Jersey characters from all of the shows.


There's a Snooki-themed costume on the market, but it's much more fun to recreate her signature pouf on your own. To really cement the look, wear bedazzled sunglasses and carry a jar of pickles all night. Not into Snooks? Here are four more Jersey-themed Halloween looks to try on.

Theresa of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Our preferred housewife to dress up as is Teresa Giudice because of her ridiculous hairstyles and clothes, but that does not give you an excuse to flip tables all night. You can, however, get one of your friends to dress like Danielle Staub so you two can cause fake drama all night.

Lydia Hearst of Boardwalk Empire

Looking for a period costume? Look no further than HBO's new hit show about Atlantic City during Prohibition in the roaring '20s. Dress like a flapper and do your hair in a classic '20s hairstyle. Either create a faux (or real!) bob for the night, or wear a headband around the crown of your head in the hairstyle du jour.

A Jerseylicious stylist

In this Style Network show, Jersey girls attempt to fit both their hair and their attitudes under the roof of the hair salon where they all work. Remember that frosted eye shadow palette you bought but never used? It's time to dig it out.