My Campaign with BetterTV for StriVectin

Last Monday I took a break out of NYFW to film a campaign for StiVectin and BetterTV.  I have to admit, so far it was one of the highlights of my career as a Spokesperson. The ten hour shoot started at 7am at the office of Felix Mercado of Say It With Style where I was in hair and make up and met my host, Jordan Reid of RamShackleGlam.  After Felix (our stylist for the day) sought through  my wardrobe we headed to Yoga Works to film my first tip for feeling younger: mind and body rejuvenation.

Even thought there were tons of people in the room including producers, camera men, our makeup artist and hair stylist Deb, Felix and the StriVectin client, I felt at ease immediately and was able to put myself into the Spokesperson role because I instantly clicked with Jordan.

Next, it was time to hit the streets of Soho.  (Imagine walking the streets of NYC with a camera crew following you and hairstylist touching you up every couple of minutes.)  We wrapped in the BetterTV studios ten hours later.  I couldn't be more grateful for landing the gig and working with the BetterTV crew!  The campaign will be on BetterTV nation wide and online in November.  I'll be sure to post it when it's live.