Jason Wu Teams Up with Lancome & Talks Details

While Beyonce might have been taking over most of the headlines with her ever changing hairstyles, there is another person making quite the beauty buzz lately – Jason Wu.  Last week, I attended the launch party to celebrate his new collection for Lancome and had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the designer.  His friendly nature and charismatic energy made it all the easier to get the scoop for you guys.

January Jones and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama have all donned Mr. Wu's apparel.  Although we may not all be able to afford his previous collections, we can afford this new collection!


What was it like working with Lancome?

It's been a wonderful experience. I've been a huge fan for their product for so long. It's a beautiful beautiful product and no one can deny that. To be able to collaborate with them was a dream come true because I love beauty. In every sense of that word. I love makeup. I love beautiful things. I love beautiful women. So this felt really natural and a really appropriate collaboration for me.

What was your favorite part of the collaboration?

Picking the colors of course! I'm like a kid in a candy store. Who doesn't want to pick the colors and dig into the archives. The collection is not only wearable but also glamorous. That's a great thing about the collection, it not only worked really well for my runway show but in different ways it could work in everyones everyday lives.

What was the overall inspiration of the collection?

The first collection was really about doing my favorite things. Violet is one of my favorite colors so I've gravitated towards it throughout my entire life and career. So that was one of key colors of the collection. I love a red lip, so we offer three different kinds of red lip in the collection. As well as three different kinds of red nail polish. It would be such a gorgeous essential to any woman's beauty arsenal or beauty regime. I really designed into what women really want and would embrace.

What is your favorite product?

The navy mascara. I think it is so cool.  I can imagine all the girls I know wanting to wear that. Along with the rest of the pallet. This is something you want like all the time. It's so subtle and works on everyone and so chic. I mean who wouldn't want that?

What can we expect from you for this years NYFW? 

Well you can definitely see my makeup collection on each of the models. I think you'll see me take a real step forward again. Every season is a step forward and this season is no different.

The collection will be on sale for a limited time in Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman during New York Fashion Week.