Is Your Guy Great with His Hands? Join the Conversation Today

Ladies, whether you're single or taken wondering if a guys is 'great with his hands' is blush-worthy.  You're thinking the same thing I thought when I first thought about men styling their hair.  I know, horrible.  However, the number one styling tool your man has is his hands.  Men's grooming taken to a new level... join Dove Men and I on Twitter today to join the conversation and for your chance to win $75 to Target.  Details below. As per my fiance, "If I put a comb through my hair it's too neat.  We want our hair to be controlled, but not look styled so we have to use our hands."  This sort of styling of course, starts in the shower.

I partnered with Dove Men and will be hosting at Twitter party full of giveaways for your guy today at 1pm EST.  Use #mantenance to participate.  I'll be giving away a $75 giftcard to Target throughout the chat and am anxious to see the type of MANtenance your man does!

Oh, and here's a coupon for Dove Men +Care haircare.