Is A Triathlon in Your Future?

I'm super eager to explore various new fitness activities.  As I mentioned in a former blog post, I even began running outside!  (Yes, taking it outside the gym is a big move for me!)  Checking out the hottest new workout classes in NYC and constantly challenging myself to get in better shape is a huge passion of mine, but I could never imagine doing a triathlon. Running, maybe I can get through, biking, I could train for that, but jumping into a lake or and swimming... no thank you.  It's not that I'm not a good swimmer, I am, but I hate to think about what else is swimming around underneath me!  I get freaked out.  I give people who train for triathlons so much credit and really wish I was brave enough.

A new book recently caught my attention written by Gloria Safar, a triathlete herself and motivational coach, called Triathlon for Girls Like Us.  It discussed how to properly train for the big day, proper nutrition for training, how to avoid injury and has a training log so you can track your personal goals.  It's very motivational and has everything included to help women adapt to training for their first triathlon.  If you have enough courage, I suggest you check it out on Amazon.