I Can't Stop Smiling, Thanks to Invisalign... My Before & After Pictures

I never thought I'd have such a beautiful smile.  And that's not me being arrogant, it's true.  I deserve the right to brag about it today and probably for a few more months, because I've dedicated the past seven months of my life to abiding by the rules of Invisalign and it paid off. I'm very close to being done with my treatment and my smile is as close to perfect as it can get.  Let's just say, I can't stop smiling!  Check out my before and after pics! After switching my aligners every ten days, I'm almost at the point where I leave my last set of aligners in to allow my teeth to heal in their final position.  Then, I'll only have to wear them at nighttime (and trust me I will for the rest of my life).  The past few months flew by and my orthodontist, Dr. Hung, kept me on track by always showing me my ClinCheck and the progression of my teeth to date and how they'd look by my next visit if I continued to be consistent with my aligners.  Today, I'm proud to smile and even more excited to wear a bold lip look.

Check out my the before and after below of my ClinCheck images!


*I am a spokesperson for Invisalign (sponsored) and I have received complimentary treatment, but all of my thoughts and actions are my own.