Introducing Tattoo Inspired Scents by Inky

Last year Chanel introduced tattoos on the runways and began selling temporary tattoos starting at $75 per pack.  Sarah Jessica Parker rocked one, but me?  If I'm going to splurge on Chanel it's going to be on a bag or pair of sunglasses. I have a tattoo on my right, inner wrist of a butterfly I designed.  I know, you're probably thinking "a butterfly?," but there's so much meaning behind this butterfly I couldn't begin to explain it and I love it.  It is part of who I am and I look at it as a permanant accessory.

Recently, I came across these tattoo inspired scents by Inky.  They're more like body splashes, two for men and three for women.  I like them because each one reflects a different personality as the butterfly I designed reflects mine.  They're exclusively sold at Target for $5.99.