Introducing Gabrielle Nicole Designs

I'm very excited to announce, that my favorite jewelry designer, Gabrielle Nicole, who previously only sold out of exclusive boutiques in NY and NJ is now selling her gorge designs online.  

Always having an eye for design and an even sharper eye for fashion, Gabrielle studied the art at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Rhode Island School of Design while building her portfolio.  Currently, she is continuing to pursue her passion by majoring in Jewelry Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  

"What inspires me most in my designs is the possibility of transforming 
ordinary objects into something beautiful. Often the most striking 
pieces consist of simple yet unexpected elements, and that makes all 
the difference," states Gabrielle. "I love using vintage attributes to communicate this idea, and believe in creating pieces that stir emotion and bring attention to the beauty of objects that go unnoticed everyday."

The first piece of Gabrielle Nicole jewelry I purchased were three Vintage Button Bracelets (shown above). I wore them all summer long and on my TV appearance on NBC The 10! Show in Philly and the host even complimented them on air.  You can see the appearance on my YouTube channel.  

In January she's launching more sophisticated, yet trendy styles that include bracelets made of scrunched ribbon intertwined with delicate pearls and textured beads.  Because they're so unique, every time I wear one of her pieces I'm stopped and asked where I got it and who it's by.  Now you know my secret and it's available to all.  Add a piece by Gabrielle Nicole to your holiday wish list!