Intoxicating Blends

Bloomingdales held a launch party for Juicy Couture's latest fragrance launch, Couture Couture, in which they partnered with Tavalon Tea to create a blend that complimented the fragrance.  I found the concept intriguing and went right to the mix master himself, Chris Cason, to find out about the ingredients. (Photo of me and the CEO of Tavalon Tea, John Paul Lee, at the event.)

"Since the fragrance is light and sweet, I knew I had to combine ingredients that would taste light and sweet as well and immediately thought of a Tavalon Tea crimson punch," stated Cason.

Couture Couture has top notes of mandarin orange, African orange flower and grapefruit; layered by jasmine, honeysuckle and plum; and rounded out with base notes of amber vanilla and sandalwood.  It's the first of all of the Juicy fragrances I really like.

The oriental floral fragrance was complimented by the tea creation called "Crimsonpunch," which included ingredients such as apples, blood orange, cherry, cranberry and hibiscus.  Combining the senses of smell and taste left a more powerful impact on shoppers and allowed for a richer experience.