J. Lo's Makeup Artist Gave Me the Scoop On Oscar Day and How To Apply Winged Liner

"I just left Jennifer's house," said J. Lo's makeup artist, Mary Phillips said as I answered up the phone.  Just two days after the Oscars she was following Miss Lopez to American Idol.  Along the way, I was thankful she had time to call me and give the Oscar scoop I was after.   J. Lo's glam squad arrived at her house at noon to begin prepping her for the red carpet. "When we got there she had a breakfast buffet laid out for us and we ate as she tried on a few dress options," Phillips explained.  The songstresses team consisted of Phillips, her hairstlyist, manicurist and two stylists.  "We collaboratively work together all the time and put together one look as a unit," Phillips said.  "In the end, Jennifer makes the decision."  It only to them an hour to get her ready and she left her house around 2:30 to hit the red carpet.

The result? Stunning.  J. Lo at her best.  The look was 60's inspired, but after working with J. Lo for six years, Phillips knew better than to make her skin matte.  What caught my attention was her winged eyeliner.  I spotted this look on the Fall 2012 runways just a few weeks ago and at the Oscars, other leading ladies like  Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana also embraced the trend.

Here's Phillips' winged liner how to:

1.  Draw a line with from the inner corner of your upper lid to the outer making it thicker as you near the middle and extend.  She used L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Brown on J. Lo.

2. "You want the eye to have a lifting effect," she states.  Create an illusion of lift by drawing upwards by placing your pencil at the outer corner of your eye where your bottom rim ends and using that as a guide to draw upward.  The key is to keep it delicate and light.

3. If you're doing heavy shadow along with the winged liner then just do a nude lip like J. Lo. However, you can also wear winged liner and mascara with a bright, bold lip like Angelina Jolie or Zoe Saldana did.