Giuliana Rancic and I Talk Career, Beauty and Men

Last Friday I attended a private cocktail party in a suite at the W Hotel in Hollywood with Giuliana Rancic on behalf of DDF skincare.  Picture eight members of the media, Giuliana, her manager (and BFF) and two DDF publicists, it was that intimate.  Now I've met her before, but never really got to know her.  An hour and a half later, she showed me pics of her three Oscar dresses (one for E!'s Fashion Police), chatted about her crush (George Clooney), found out the secrets behind her skincare insecurities and regimen and of course, where she gets her hair extensions done.  What impressed me most?  She's one of the most honest and grounded people in Hollywood. Career

Rancic explained there are two types of actors in Hollywood – those who are a celebrity in every aspect of what they do and those who consider it their job.  She is a business woman.  Hosting and the empire she built is all her job, but she doesn't let it define her at the end of the day.  "I'm true to who I am in all aspects of what I do," she says.  "I'm a business person and a normal person in the industry."  In it for all of the right reasons, when overwhelmed she often takes a step back and reminds herself, "I'm not digging a ditch, I'm reporting on Brad Pitt."


She's been using DDF skincare religiously for years and approached the brand about becoming the spokesperson.  "When they asked me to go foundation free at the Emmys last year it was a struggle," Rancic explains.  "My makeup artist and I played with different strategies so I would still look done under the red carpet lights."  Weeks leading up to the big day, they experimented on E! News with tinted moisturizer.  "If your skin can look gorgeous without foundation and a ton of makeup then you succeeded."

George Clooney

Balancing professionalism with her crush on Clooney has never been an easy task.  She confessed that when she started at E! she promised herself not to ask to interview him (even though she was dying to), but to let her producers assign it to her.  About ten years ago, when the day came she had eight minutes with him. "The whole time he was talking all I can hear in my head was, 'Will you marry me,'" Rancic laughed.  At the end of the interview she asked!  His reply, "The word 'marriage' sends sweat beads down my back."  Turns out, Rancic got kudos from the E! producers for getting Clooney to discuss the topic of commitment!


"Bill and I know what's at the core of everything," she states.  "First and foremost were best friends and husband and wife and all of the craziness is for a common goal.  If we ride the wave now, one day it will all pay off and we can relax."  After the Oscars they were planning on heading to Cabo to relax with four other couples.


"You can't control what life hands you, you can only control how you handle it," she says.  Filling her life with positivity, she's doing just fine.