My Intern Scores an Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Ronson, Her First Hand Experience

Young and inexperienced, I was a nervous wreck getting ready to meet Charlotte Ronson at the Nivea "Kiss of Style Cap Contest" VIP Preview. Even though it was not the first event I attended on behalf of Jeannine, I was still unsure of how I would handle the extra responsibilities of interviewing a fashion designer for BeautySweetSpot readers. Luckily, Ronson made it easy and we discussed her fave beauty products, a fun additive to her upcoming fashion show and guiltiest pleasure.

The intimate setting itself made the whole process less intimidating. After just a brief introduction from Charlotte Ronson about the Kiss of Style Cap Contest that debuts on August 1st, the few attendees were left to create their own cap design and spin the wheel to win one of Ronson's rompers from her Fall 2012 collection.  After creating my yellow and purple cap, I won the romper!   It was then time to put my nerves aside and do what I was there to do. I came to find that all the nerves were for nothing when Ronson was more then happy to answer a few questions from the obvious newbie.  So here you go BeautySweetSpot readers!

What does your role and partnership with Nivea include?

I had the chance to design my own cap for their kiss moisturizer which is fun, and I get to judge the competition for someone's own personal design to actually be seen in stores.

What are some beauty products you can't live without? 

I always have my Perfect Kiss Lip Glosses that I make with Sephora. I like the color Annabelle, which has a red tint to it, and Eleanore which is more of the natural pink gloss that I always have in my bag. As well as Nivea underneath the gloss to keep my lips moist and protected from the sun, air-conditioning and anything else. It is good to keep them healthy.

What can we expect to see from you at NYFW?

Well, September 7th is my runway show. Hopefully, you'll see a great collection. There will be bags in the collection this time. I am also working on collections with Sephora and JCPenny.

Out of everything that you do with your career and success, what is your favorite thing that you do?

Just the the design process in general, when I am able to get to it.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Melted cheese. Any kind of cheese. Just when cheese is melted on top of anything, I am a fan. Fries, mozzarella sticks. Anything!