International Beauty Discoveries

Hey BeautySweetSpot readers!  This is Michelle, I’m a new contributer and am really looking forward to start posting. I love to travel and this past summer I decided to go on a group tour with total strangers from all over the world to 12 different countries in one month, which started in London and ended in Amsterdam.  As prepared I was with my travel beauty kit, I was able to compliment it with some great overseas discoveries. Here are my top three:

Germany, Basic Nagellack No. 29

Great things do come in small packages.  This 5ml nail polish is a great shade of charcoal gray which is a nice break from my typical black and navy blue. Now, every time I wear this color, everyone asks where I got it and I can’t find it anywhere!  Looks like I’ll have to go back to Germany to stock up.


Italy, Melipsan Labial

After walking for five hours in the hot sun in Rome I realized my lips were getting irritated.  I quickly ran into a small pharmacy and a pharmacist suggested Melipsan Labial.  A plant based cream for your lips that prevents irritation and cracking.  Some of the ingredients include shea butter, licorice, balm mint and rosemary extracts. After applying it, the following day my lips were back to normal and actually felt even softer.  I found this one online at an Italian pharmacy for about $13.

Greece, Carroten – Intensive Gel for Tanning

I’m from Greece and while I was there I went to an island called Corfu.  I wanted to enjoy every moment at the beach and ensure I didn’t lose my tan.  Here is where I discovered and fell in love with Carroten. It’s an extensive sun care line that has a variety of SPF products to protect yourself from the UVA/UVB rays but also carries complimenting gels to enhance your tan.   It consists of natural extracts along with Vitamins A and E and has a fabulous tropical scent.  It reminds me of the times I was sipping on Caprioskas at the beach, the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and of course the European men.  You can purchase it from a Greek pharmacy for about $15.50.

Do you have any fab International beauty discoveries?  Please share!