Illusions of Idealism

Have you ever met someone who seemed too good to be true?  The conversations were engaging, he was beyond gorgeous... model type to be exact, he understood how to dress, was well groomed, had a successful career, got along with all of your friends and every time you were with him you felt like you were on top of the world.  Until you woke up and realized everything wrong with the equation... he was your idea of perfection.  Everything looked good on paper, but in all reality, he wasn't "it."  We're faced with situations like this every single day in the fabulous world of beauty and fashion.

If you open an issue of your favorite fashion magazine or your man's favorite mag, Maxim, splashed across each page are illusions, people's ideas of perfection. Airbrushed models who spent hours upon hours in hair and makeup after spray tans preparing for their shoots.  And then there are the celebrities, who have their own personal trainers, nutritionists, hair stylists and makeup artists who primp and prep them as part of their daily routine.  Pictured above, Jessica Alba before and after airbrushing for the Campari calendar photo shoot. Her hips and waist are slimmer in the after and her breasts are boosted to perfection. How can we possibly keep up?

Americans have become obsessed with this idea of perfection, however we know that achieving what we see in print and on TV is nearly impossible.  Everything looks better on paper.  It's important we keep our "blinders" off in this world of illusions in order to appreciate true beauty and pay attention to our real needs, wants and desires.