I Broke Out! Adult Acne? Hell No!

Confession – and it's embarrassing to admit, but I'm 28 and keep breaking out! While this isn't a normal thing for me (thank God), pimples were occupying a portion of my face for about the past three weeks.  I've been feeling like an adult with acne. I blamed it on the change in seasons, Indian Summer, you know... anything I could. Let's just say a Proactiv mailing I received earlier this week couldn't have come at a better time. While I've used Proactiv products in the past, including the three step system, I haven't used them in a few months and seeing them back on my bathroom counter gave me instant relief.  I'm currently using the Renewing Cleanser, Advanced Blemish Treatment, Refining Mask and Concealor Plus.  It's like an army of benzoyl peroxide and sulfur acid attacking my face!

I've never used the Concealor Plus until now and I'm really impressed by it.  I normally use a MAC concealor if I have a blemish, but offers great coverage and has sulfur in it to help clear up pimples while it covers.  It's only been a few days and my complexion's already looking better.  Now if I can only get these bangs to grow out!