Hugo Boss Sport, Much More Than A Cologne... All Aboard!

Last Wednesday morning work consisted of a sail around Manhattan on the Hugo Boss racing sail boat to celebrate the launch of Hugo Boss Sport, which was perhaps one of the most exciting invites that ever landed in my inbox.  It was a gorgeous day and my first time sailing, which I learned was more of a workout than a casual cruise!  Check out my pics from the day, details from the sail and review of the cologne.

The Hugo Boss is a racing boat that's about to be sailed around the world in 90 days by Alex Thomson, solo.  As we sailed, we sat in the front and kept having to roll back and forth underneath the sail as the team in the back shifted it from side to side with the wind. Being part of their sail team for the morning was exhilarating and definitely took a team to maneuver the boat in the right ways.  I can't imagine one man doing it all on his own.

The new cologne is crisp and definitely masculine.   And in case you were wondering, Joe approved.  "I'd wear this on a casual night out," he said.  "It's fresh."  He picked up right away on the citrus notes (pink grapefruit to be exact), but liked how the clean scent smelled more masculine thanks to the woody base than Mr. Clean.