How to Wear Your Hair in A Hat

hat-hair-4Whether you’re about to throw on floppy sun hat, fedora or graduation cap, styling your hair underneath can be a challenge. One that we were excited to take on!  While your hat may be your main accessory, don't let your hair just sit underneath.  Here are five ways to wear your hair in a hat, fun styles to try this summer, BeautySweetSpot approved. hat-hair-2Giant Side Fishtail:  A side ‘do is a great way to wear your hair in a hat, because it allows you to show off your hairstyle from the front, instead of hiding it under the hat and in the back. And we’re obsessed with this giant fishtail braid so we highly encourage using this look. To achieve the beachy vibe, take the bottom end of a comb and use it to pull out little sections of the braid to loosen it up. hat-hair-4Low Pony:  A low pony is a great way to pull your hair back when a hat sits on top. Think fedora.  I used to always question how I was going to wear my hair in a hat, but this is the simplest way! Amp up your average low pony by giving it volume. Just because it’s a low on your head doesn’t mean it can’t have volume. Tease out your hair where it meets the hairband and spray some texturizing spray like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray.hat-hair-1Wavy Side Chignon: Who said you couldn’t wear your hair up if it’s in a hat? This wavy side chignon is flat enough to wear a hat over, low enough to show underneath, and on the side enough to be visible from the front. Bye, bye hat hair!  When creating this look, there is no need to use hair ties, especially when trying to keep it this flat. Create two sections of your curled hair low on the side of your head and tie the two pieces together. Just continue to wrap, twist tuck and bobby pin until you’ve achieved you’re idea side chignon. hat-hairMessy Pigtail Braids: These messy pigtail braids are great for a day on the beach with a baseball cap on to keep your scalp from burning. To achieve the perfect amount of messiness, while still looking chic, don’t use a brush when separating your hair. Keep your hair at its natural texture, parting it however it best falls. Pull out desired pieces of hair when finished. hat-hair-3Sleek Side Pony: If you are looking for a more slick pulled together look, this side pony is great. Parting your hair in a clean deep side part is where you’ll need to start. To then get it this clean, use a little bit of hair oil such as Kerastase Elixir Ultime The Imperial Treatment Oil. Rub the oil in your hands, cup your pony and run your hands along the top of the pony smoothing down all runaways.