How To Tame Frizzy Hair with Pin Curls

When I met with Angelo David Salon’s Artistic Director, Meaghan Frayne, I vented to her about the giant toll that this summer’s heat wave took on my thick, frizz-prone hair. (It doesn’t quite measure up to Snooki’s pouf, but still…). She suggested a hydration treatment to repair my dry and damaged locks-- and from there, I let this hair guru lead the way. After using a slew of Pureology's hydrating shampoos and conditioner's Meghan dusted my ends (not as extreme as getting a trim, for all of you haircut phobes), then the fun began.  I wanted to try a different kind of blowout, so Meaghan gave me a modified version of pin curls that is perfect for smoothing frizz and maintaining body. She divided my hair into four sections in the front and back, and in a downward motion applied Redken’s Velvet Gelatine, which gives hair a fabric-like texture.  For added moisture, she applied Redken’s Sheer Straight cream. For each section of hair, she blow-dried it straight and... smooth and then clipped it into a pin curl (by simply rolling the section of hair around itself with fingers and securing the end with a clip).

“With an even application, the difference that this process makes in product absorption is amazing,” she raved.  Once the complete set was done, she ran a flat iron over my hair.. To put the finishing touches on my waves, she spritzed a light amount of Redken Workforce Volumizing Spray, and applied Je Veux Argan Moroccan Oil to protect color and add maximum shine.

“We expect hair to miraculously change over night, but just like anything we wear, hair is a fabric and requires certain personalization,”  Meghan stated. It’s important to keep in mind that hair is unique and what works for others might not necessarily work for you.

The Angelo David Salon is located at 48 East 43rd Street (bet. Madison & Vanderbilt Avenues) 2nd Floor, New York City.