Modern Day Gatsby Hair

Have you seen The Great Gatsby?  I've been dying to have a reason to get dolled up 1920's style ever since the movie came out and turns out, the New Year's Eve party I attended was Gatsby themed.  Not that you have to have an excuse to turn to 1920's style waves, but I went all out.  The hair was my favorite part of the look.  Using the photo above as my inspiration, my stylist, Jan Marie Arteca of the Jeff Chastain Parlor in NYC gave it a modern twist.  Here are her tips on how to do it yourself.

"During the 1920's era, hair was very done," explains Arteca.  "To make this look more modern you want it to look more undone with key elements of the style kept in tact."

1. Part your hair drastically off center and using a 1" curling iron, curl your whole head in 1" sections so the curls are tight.  "This is a way to cheat pin curls," Arteca comments.  Make sure you're curling under and vertically (think Shirley Temple) and not creating waves.

2.  To add control to the front piece, create a real pin curl by placing your finger in the middle of the strand and wrap it around the finger so it's flat to your head.  Use a hair pin to secure it and let it cool.

3.  Lightly brush through the rest of your curls with a half boar bristle half nylon brush.  This will loosen them up, but still keep the pin-curl vibe.

4.  Tease the ends with a teasing comb to create texture.

5.  Release the front pin curl and add a beaded headband, clip or feather accessory to your style.  Then, begin to play with placement.  "Placement of everything from the accessory to each and every curl is key to making this look a success," Arteca stated.  Make sure your accessory is no further back than 1" away from your hairline and the front swoop should be the most perfect part.