How to Rock Dirty Hair

Did you know that people with thick hair should only be washing their hair 2-3 times a week? Even if you have fine hair, a wash every other day is the right amount. While this may be what’s healthy for your hair, it can sometimes result in undone, messy looking styles. I spoke with Stylist, Jan Marie Arteca who works at the Jeff Chastain Parlor in NYC, about the best ways to wear your hair, well, dirty.


One of the biggest mistakes women make when sporting dirty hair? “Wearing a center part,” says Arteca. This kind of part attracts can reveal an oily scalp. Another major mistake that I myself am also guilty of, is not brushing your hair.  I know I think it sometimes makes my hair look messy chic. When in reality, it just looks messy.


The obvious product choice for dirty hair is dry shampoo. It can save your hair for a day or two longer. Arteca recommends Serge Normant Dry Shampoo. Texturizing spray also works like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.


“The thicker the hair, the more options you have to style it,” explains Arteca. This ranges from anything from curls to braids. For finer hair, she recommends deep side part ponytails, buns, or any sort of braid. I personally like to pull my hair into a side braid when my hair goes a day or two unwashed. Braids keep my texture from looking greasy and with it to the side I avoid a too-sleek part. Hair accessories are also a major help. A headband can cover up almost the dirtiest of looks.

Also keep in mind that dirtier hair is easier to style than slick clean hair. If you’ve been dying to sport some beach waves, curl it when it’s a day or two dirty and shake out for a waved look that’ll stay in.