How To: Perfect Your Brows



Eyebrows can be confusing. Between thick, thin, dark, and light; it can sometimes be hard to figure out what works best for you. It's no surprise, however, that perfect brows are the trick to taking over the world (hello, Amal Clooney). So what's the secret to perfect eyebrows? We interviewed brow guru, Anastasia Soare, celebrity brow expert and founder of Anastasia of Beverly Hills, to find out.

"You were born with the brow that’s right for you," explains Anastasia. Work with that thickness to hone the arch and tweeze unruly brow hairs outside of your brow area in the direction of hair growth to sculpt and shape the correct brow." So, no matter who you are, perfect brows are attainable!  Just work with what your momma gave ya.

"I recommend tweezing at home as needed, because it is more precise than other methods." It's no wonder Anastasia's favorite tools include stencils and a good pair of tweezers. Of course we all have a handy pair of tweezers, but have you ever thought about using stencils?  So smart!  Once shaped, she recommends, "Layering powder, pencil, and gel will give you a multidimensional brow that looks natural and polished."

Eyebrows are truly one of the hidden secrets to a beautiful face. The prettiest celebs have the best brows. Fact. Need more proof?




Enough said.