How to Perfect A Flawless Face

Personally I’m not a huge fan of wearing a ton of makeup, a little mascara and gloss and I’ll call it a day in a second.  However, I’ve had to learn how to do my own face for TV because believe it or not they don’t even put as little as a blush brush to your face before you go on air.  That being said, I can proudly say I’ve learned how to fake flawless skin.  You need three things: a yellow-based liquid concealor for under your eyes, a heavier, stickier green-based concealor for blemishes and a light foundation. Many women make the mistake of using the same concealor for everything, however different textures and pigments work better in different areas. Under Eye Rid dark circles underneath your eyes with a yellow-based liquid concealor that has light reflecting properties. Dab three dots in a triangular shape under each eye with your ring finger and use a brush or your ring finger to blend.  The ring finger is the weakest finger and therefore doesn’t pull the skin when blending and placing the concealor in a triangular shape will accentuate the shape of your face.  Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye Concealor, $25 acts as a concealor and brightener and has Vitamin K, which helps to lighten dark areas while white tea and cucumber extracts sooth and buckwheat wax reduces puffiness.

Red Spots and Blemishes To cover blemishes use a green-based concealor with a creamier consistency that has staying power like Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Cream Concealer in Cover Green, $5.45.  Dab it with your finger onto the spot you wish to conceal.  Make sure you don’t rub it in as you’ll just irritate the area more and rub it away.  The green tone will neutralize the redness.  Next, just cover the green with a neutral colored concealor before applying foundation.

The Final Canvas After applying moisturizer, apply a light, moisturizing foundation with your fingers or a makeup sponge and blend.  I love L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup, $14.  The trick is that you don’t need to wear foundation all over your face, only in areas that you feel you need more coverage. Make sure you bring it down past your jaw line and onto your neck blending out the line.