How to Perfect A Flawless Face

I've admitted it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of wearing makeup.  A little mascara and gloss and I'll call it a day in a second.  However, I've had to learn how to do my own face for TV because believe it or not they don't even put as little as a blush brush to your face before you go on air .  That being said, I can proudly say I've learned how to fake flawless skin. You need three things: a liquid concealor for under your eyes, a heavier, stickier concealor for blemishes and light foundation.  Many women make the mistake of using the same concealor for everything, however different textures and pigments work better in different areas.

Rid dark circles under your eyes with a liquid concealor that has light reflecting properties. Dab a few dots underneath each eye with your ring finger and use a brush or your ring finger to blend.  My favorite is Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealor for Eyes, $10.99.  It doesn't get cakey in the creases under your eyes when you smile, contains aloe and green tea to help reduce puffiness and SPF 20.

To cover blemishes, I use MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor, $15.50.  Just a small dab of this rich formula does the job and since it's has a creamy consistency it stays put.

After perfecting problem areas use a light foundation so everything is evenly blended. My top pick: Purple Lab Silk Sheets Foundation, $34.50.  It's very light, offers coverage without feeling like a mask and is made with good for your skin ingredients such as silk and hyaluronic filling spheres which plumps your skin so you don't even need to wear a primer underneath it.